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  • New Security Standards in 2011 Revised payment-processing guidelines will go into effect Jan. 1 for restaurateurs accepting credit or debit cards.
  • Will Beer, Wine Work at SBUX? Starbucks’ strategy to rock the coffee world with the addition of alcohol leaves some doubtful of its potential success.
  • Rich Get a Taste for Fast Food Wealthy consumers are checking their income levels at the fast food door and flocking to quick serves.
  • Marketing Strategies Get Scary Chipotle and others are taking advantage of the Halloween holiday to drum up brand excitement and charity donations.
  • Wendy’s Breakfast 3.0 A leading burger chain hopes its effort to build the morning daypart is “real” this time.
  • Red Mango University The yogurt chain’s new expansion strategy targets Millennials on college campuses instead of competing in crowded metro areas.
  • Flashy Website Might Hurt You Brands that use the multimedia platform Adobe Flash on their websites are practically invisible to mobile users. 
  • The Magic Frying Oil? New developments in the soybean world promise operators an oil that’s healthier and lasts longer. 
  • Cali’s Newest Rule May Catch On A food safety bill passed by the State Senate could affect restaurant employees and potentially the rest of the country in the future.
  • It’s the Customers, Stupid. Or Is It? The industry keeps a keen eye on customer demands. But with the recession still kicking, some executives are finding success in a different approach to business.
  • Grab Lunch, Love at Just Salad Customers were finding dates so often at the brand’s New York City stores, the company launched its own dating website.
  • Drive Thru, the Huddle House Way The full-service chain is including a drive thru in its new store prototype in an effort to reach more transient consumers.
  • Washington May Not Have the Economy Pegged Just Yet Timothy Geithner is “welcoming” Americans into the recovery, but restaurant operators aren’t feeling the hospitality.
  • Local Heroes Top Golden Arches In a recent survey, local brands, fast casuals, and (of course) Chick-fil-A rank at the top of consumer satisfaction list.
  • Is the Health Trend Dying?  Despite cries for healthy menu items, consumers seem to be equally interested in items like KFC’s Double Down.
  • TCBY Revamps Store, Strategy With competition knocking at its door, TCBY unveils a new self-serve prototype that it hopes will catapult it back to the top of the frozen yogurt segment.
  • Ruby’s Speeds Up in Fast Casual The California full-service chain is making a move into fast casual, and itís happening this fall.
  • New IFA Head Takes on Washington The International Franchise Associationís new president has one priority: unfreeze the lending market so you can grow again.
  • Competition on Aisle Five A new study finds consumers are flocking to grocery-store prepared meals for two reasons. And restaurants should be worried.
  • Visa Puts Credit Security on You. New credit card security standards focus on what happens to the data after consumers pay with plastic. Are you compliant?

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