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Your Top 40 Hiring Questions

9What’s the most important qualification I should be looking for when hiring?

Attitude. If you get a weird feeling about someone’s attitude during the interview—when they should be on their best behavior—you don’t want to find out how that person might come off to your customers.

10 What’s the one interview question I should be asking?

“ Why did you leave your last job?” It gives a clear indication of what is important to them in an employer and in a job. It will also help you see if they’ll be a good fit for your concept.

11 Which step do most operators skip in the hiring process that they shouldn’t?

Allowing people to meet with other members of your team during the interview. They might act differently around you than they would around your cashier, especially if they think that person won’t have a say in their getting hired.

12 What’s the best way to do that?

Have an employee you trust meet with the applicant to answer questions about the job. Give them a couple of interview questions to ask during this conversation, and then get his impression of the person.

13 What should I be paying attention to in an interview—besides interview answers?

Whether the applicant is smiling and making eye contact. Everyone who works for a quick serve needs to have good people skills, and wearing a smile right off the bat is the best indication you’re dealing with someone who does.

14 Is there another effective way I can gauge customer-service skills?

Ask for examples of how the applicant has helped other people in the past. Even if they don’t have industry experience, things like volunteering or donating to charity are proof of a sense of service to others.

15 What’s an inexpensive way to offer employees incentives and make them feel valued?

Recognition (either verbal or in the form of something like a gift card) is always appreciated. Celebrating people’s birthdays or anniversaries with your concept also lets them know you value them as an individual, not just as an employee.

16 Is there anything I can do to get employees to care about the store’s sales?

Build a culture that rewards sales success. If your employees get a portion of what they upsell at the register or receive a bonus for helping the store meet sales goals, they’ll feel more invested in the restaurant’s financial success.

17 What can I do to ensure I hire trustworthy employees who won’t steal from me?

Conduct background checks. They’re so cheap and easy to do, there’s no excuse not to. Even just letting applicants know you’re going to do one can cause ones who would be untrustworthy to eliminate themselves from the running.

18 Is it possible to monitor employees without making them feel like I don’t trust them?

Yes, by being a visible presence in the store. If you’re engaged and know people on an individual basis, they’ll feel more accountable—and more valued. If you can’t get to your stores every day, hire a supervisor who can.

19 Is video monitoring a bad idea?

No, our experts recommend it. Just make sure your employees understand that they were installed to keep the employees safe from potentially dangerous customers, not just to help you keep an eye on them.

20 How often should I award employees raises? And should they be merit-based?

You should be giving annual raises that cover at least the cost of living increase. If you choose to keep an employee that long, they should be someone who’s doing a good enough job to warrant the pay bump.

21 How often should I be doing reviews?

Brief quarterly reviews are ideal, along with a more thorough annual review. These should also be used to get feedback from employees about what they want from their job and how you can help improve their experience with your concept.

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