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  • The Sweet Side of Asian A South Korean treat is ready to become an American favorite. Issue # 112
  • Sourcing on a Global Scale Creating an international supply chain. Issue # 112
  • Welcome to South Africa An expanding consumer base with an appetite for fast food is making South Africa an appealing option for quick-service expansion. Issue # 112
  • Guide to a Smart Expansion For companies looking to take their brands abroad, resources are available to make the growth successful and sustainable. Issue # 112
  • Gluten-Free Gourmet More consumers are battling food allergies and looking for restaurants to cater to them. Issue # 111
  • Healthy & Tasty There’s money to be made in the morning, but where’s the healthy section on the breakfast menu? Issue # 111
  • The Hidden Harassment Race-on-race harassment is underreported and seldom recognized in the restaurant industry. Issue # 111
  • A Vote for Quick-Serve Where do the 2008 presidential candidates stand on the issues that pertain to you? QSR breaks it down. Issue # 111
  • Tracing Quick-Serve’s Family Trees Find out who owns which up-and-coming brands. Issue # 111
  • Perfect Portfolio Whether you call them holding companies or portfolio companies, acquisition and integration are the keys to their game. Issue # 111
  • Pioneering Pizzas Pizza is popping up in all kinds of unexpected places and in nontraditional forms. Issue # 110
  • Security Check Owners and operators must defend their restaurants from a variety of dangers—both inside and outside their stores. Issue # 110
  • Best of Quick-Service and Fast-Casual From avatars to apple fries, the best of what the industry had to offer in 2007. Issue # 110
  • Menuing ‘America’s Favorite Cookie’ If it seems everywhere you turn there is an Oreo-themed dessert offering, it’s because the crunched up little sandwich cookie has become a menu staple at more than a dozen quick-serve restaurants. Issue # 110
  • A Sweet Deal Coke and Cargill pave the way for an all-natural, calorie-free sugar substitute. Issue # 108
  • The It List Companies on the Small Business Administration’s Franchise Registry have lower loan failure rates than national average. Issue # 108
  • Boneless Wings Fly High Though they’re not chicken-wing parts at all, boneless wings are what Americans want. Good news is they can propel sales of everything else on the menu. Issue # 108
  • 2007 Franchisee Technology Adoption Survey The adoption of new technology can be a contentious time in the franchisor/franchisee relationship. The results of the 2007 Franchisee Technology Adoption Survey can help. Issue # 108
  • Wanna Empanada? An increasing number of Americans do, thanks to a handful of players who capitalize on the empanada’s most attractive feature, its portability. Issue # 107
  • Cashing in on Kabobs As consumers’ tastes become more adventurous, the popularity of kabobs rises. Issue # 107

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