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Dish/Ware Washing
1524 Hwy 18 W | Clear Lake, IA 50428
Permanently mounted pressure washing system with outside remote locations makes it easy to clean drive thru and parking lots.
203-378-2659 Hubbell Water Heaters
PO Box 288 | Stratford, CT 06615
816-222-2400 Power Soak Systems
903 E 104th Street Suite 130 | Kansas City, MO 64131
903 East 104th St. Suite 130 | Kansas City, MO 64131
Power Soak has been the innovative leader in continuous motion washing since 1987. The new Generation 4 Power Soak pot and pan washer eliminates the need for hand scrubbing and provides the most effective, consistent, and efficient cleaning available, while reducing time and labor in the dish room.
484-893-5080 Strahman Valves, Inc.
2801 Baglyos Circle | Bethlehem, PA 18020
800-444-4138x7751 Swisher Hygiene
4725 Piedmont Row Drive Suite 400 | Charlotte, NC 28210