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HyperActive Technologies’® business-building tools for the QSR drive-thru market include the HyperView® PE OCD, and QTimer® and DriveTime® Cloud drive-thru management systems. With its certified, proven ability to operate under the most rugged weather conditions, HyperView PE is the world’s most reliable OCD. HyperView PE supplies Power over Ethernet via a single CAT5e cable, eliminating the need to run power to the OCD post, reducing installation costs and mitigating electrical problems. QTimer® is the leading real-time, drive-thru management system that integrates with more than 30 POS systems. QTimer’s enterprise-wide reporting has proven to be an invaluable asset for QSR owners looking to improve their speed-of-service, as well as meet and exceed drive-thru goals. And, DriveTime® Cloud harnesses cloud computing, leveraging computing power and Internet data storage benefits. Visit or call 1-877-33HYPER for more information.