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Am I a Bad Boss?
You might be and just don’t know. Here are 6 questions to help you find out.

6. Do I develop my employees?

Good boss: Yes.

Bad boss: No.

Your workers are more than just shift managers, fry cooks, sandwich makers, and floor sweepers, who account for the large “labor” number in your books. They are people, with aspirations. If you take the time to learn their lifelong goals and develop them, your labor situation just might improve.

People who are made to feel badly about themselves perform as they feel—badly.”

Developing workers “creates true loyalty,” says Bridget Chirigos, strategic partner for Profiles International, a human resources company.

Snub entry-level workers and you take a chance, because “they do not have as much to lose if they walk out the door,” Chirigos says.

5. Do I play favorites?

Good boss: No.

Bad boss: Yes.

Remember the teacher’s pet and how everybody despised them? Well, now you’re the teacher, and your employees want equal attention.

“If an employee is a favorite, he or she starts expecting great treatment all the time,” says Kate Zabriskie, president of Business Training Works Inc.

And when other employees see the favorite getting longer lunch breaks, extra days off, and raises, they get jealous, unhappy, and “might stop taking any initiative,” Zabriskie says.

4. Do I use fear to accomplish tasks?

Good boss: No.

Bad boss: Yes.

If you’re yelling at your employees, chances are they’re yelling at your customers.

“People who are made to feel badly about themselves perform as they feel—badly,” Chirigos says. “They tend to treat customers poorly, not care about their job or the company, and keep their eye on the clock until their shift is over.”

If you criticize more than you recognize, be prepared for a revolving employment door.

“Workers don’t have to put up with being treated poorly because they can find other jobs,” Chirigos says.

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