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Vocal Quiznos Franchisees Claim New Concerns

Still, O’Brien says TSFA is making a “mountain out of a molehill. Sure, I can buy my food products cheaper at Sam’s or Costco, but I wouldn’t get the same quality as if I bought it from Quiznos. That’s why I bought into this brand—the quality of the product.”

New Jersey operator and TSFA member David Lopez disagrees with O’Brien’s characterization of TFSA, but like his counterparts, he’s ready to make money and move on. “Everybody from the TSFA I’ve spoken with has no problem with opening the line of communication to try to better the whole Quiznos corporation,” Lopez says.

Emmett says Brenneman or other executives are always willing to engage franchise owners—TSFA members included—in “constructive business dialogue.”

Toasted Subs Franchisee Association Responds to Comments Made by Greg Brenneman in QSR magazine

The TSFA would like to make this very clear: We have nothing against Mr. Brenneman and we are not out to destroy the Quiznos brand; far from it. The Quiznos brand represents a financial investment made by every franchisee. The root of the problems in this chain, however (that still exist), is that just like Quiznos would not respond to Fred Minnick (QSR writer) in the past, they also would not respond to franchisees’ critical concerns and issues over the years.

The TSFA has always been and will always be extremely concerned about the franchisees and the future of this brand. We are franchisees. We are the heart and soul of what makes this franchise work. Without the franchisees, this franchise is nothing but a corporate headquarters. It is the persona of our organization (the only independent representation of Quiznos franchisee in the U.S.) Despite Mr. Brenneman’s expressed concerns about the plight of franchisee in this chain, Quiznos has done little to improve the communications chains or problem-resolution chains. In seven months at the helm, Mr. Brenneman has failed to make simple and obvious changes, such as changing the methods whereby every franchisee computes their costs (food, labor paper) from one that doesn’t reflect true costs, to one that does. The current method distorts and under-reports true costs. We have heard and seen many promises of things to come, and for this, we have “hope” and “faith”. But “hope alone is not a strategy, and faith is not a course of action”.

The truth of the situation is that it has been the direct and vocal actions of the TSFA that have all but mandated and forced the limited changes we have seen thus far. Mr. Brenneman would be remiss to deny that.

Mr. Brenneman also repeats the mistakes of his predecessors if he dismisses the value and impact of the TSFA in this chain. We think Mr. Brenneman would not be here today, was it not for the direct actions of the TSFA (a story in itself) that created a chain of events leading to his arrival.

We are not content with, nor do we have the time to rely on this corporation to selfregulate itself in order to make the required changes that are obvious to most. Instead, as franchisees, our very financial survival depends on these changes, and so we must pursue Courses-of-Action that force these changes, as appropriate, in a timely fashion.

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