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Vocal Quiznos Franchisees Claim New Concerns
Toasted Subs Franchisee Association Responds to Comments Made by Greg Brenneman in QSR magazine continued

Mr. Brenneman has kept his word in putting together one of the best management teams in the industry, but whether that team will execute a plan that significantly benefits the majority of franchisees in this chain, remains to be seen. Rusty Spinney, Brandon Turner, Mike Elliott, Steve Provost, Rich Emmett and Clyde Rucker are all highly qualified additions to the new management team. They represent “hope” for what Quiznos lacked in the past.

The TSFA is optimistic about the future of the company and we will support Mr. Brenneman and the new management team to the point that the changes made benefit the majority of franchisees, but that does not mean that the TSFA will put blinders on. Optimism is a fleeting emotion that can only be sustained through positive results.

We will continue to be objectively vocal regarding the decisions that corporate makes, as we have always done in the past.

Every corporation or entity, government or private, needs its watchdog-partner, and that is but one role the TSFA plays. It is clear from the past actions of the corporation that “absolute power can corrupt absolutely”.

With that said, it is unfortunate that Mr. Brenneman’s perception of the TSFA is a distorted one. We perceive that any impression he has of the TSFA is formulated based on the filtered opinions of those around him, since he has no direct contact with the TSFA. He has never met with the board of the TSFA in order to discuss issues or improvements to this chain. From our perspective, that is unfortunate, since he overlooks the talents and operational expertise that exist within this organization.

After all, our organization is a grassroots organization, founded by franchisees to support franchisees, and we continue to thrive because our goals have been honest and open. Our membership is strong and includes a strong cross section of the Quiznos franchise community: top performing franchisees, struggling franchisees, terminated franchisees and bankrupt franchisees. We will continue to grow.

In the May 2007 issue of QSR magazine “A Tale of Two Quiznos” Mr. Brenneman made some unfortunate comments about the TSFA stating that the TSFA is not thoughtful and objective and that he “ignores most of that stuff”. See below.

“The Toasted Subs Franchisee Association has been very critical of Quiznos, calling for “whistle-blowers” in the franchise group. How do you feel about the association?

I have nothing against people expressing their opinions and being thoughtful about it. If you go to the [TSFA} web site, there’s trial attorneys advertising. It’s hard for me coming into the system to say that’s an independent, objective group. It’s certainly not representative of the system. I don’t think it’s either destructive or productive. If they want that forum to talk, they can. I ignore most of that stuff and do what I think is best to drive profitability for franchise owners.”

It is disappointing to see Mr. Brenneman make comments like that when he has never had any dialogue with the TSFA. He does not know us, understand the chain-wide issues (or chooses to ignore them) and he does not understand the position we were forced into.

Mr. Brenneman fails to acknowledge the depth of this chain’s problems and the financial dilemma it has brought upon literally thousands of franchisees. Bankruptcies, divorces, repossessed homes, broken families and other tragedies suffered by franchisees can not be ignored by Mr. Brenneman.

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