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Vocal Quiznos Franchisees Claim New Concerns
Toasted Subs Franchisee Association Responds to Comments Made by Greg Brenneman in QSR magazine continued

Noticeably absent from Mr. Brenneman’s comments are any mention of the great services the TSFA provides for its members Nor does he mention how we assist franchisees in various issues, when they can get no help at all from the Corporation on the same issues.

Due to his scant tenure in this chain, Mr. Brenneman may not understand or appreciate the history of this company and what the franchisees have had to deal with in the past. That may be the reason he came to illogical conclusions in regards to the TSFA. The TSFA represents a significant number of franchisees and for him to say that he “ignores most of that stuff” is a slap in the face to those franchisees. It represents denial, and denial won’t fix this chain. These are words that would have come from the previous Quiznos regime.

If a large number of franchisees choose to have independent representation that is reasonable and objective, then he should at the very least respect that decision and work with the association; a more enlightened person would embrace the idea. After all, we are “his customers”, much as “our customers” are the ones who come into our stores daily.

As for Quiznos growth rate, they continue to place stores in close proximity to others, without as much as an “impact study” on the existing Quiznos stores. This is still reminiscent of the corporate irresponsibility of the past. One could clearly make the case that any slow-down in growth is not of Quiznos’ choosing, but a reaction to sentiment about the way the brand was, or currently is, operated.

Despite all the differences between the TSFA and Quiznos over the last several years, the TSFA remains open to dialogue and cautiously optimistic with the directional changes at Quiznos.

We are franchisees and we represent franchisees. We have been advocating for franchisees for over six years. We are comprised of educated and talented people, who have a financial stake in the future of this franchise. We are here today, and we will be here tomorrow; we look forward to working with Quiznos to make it as successful a franchise as the TSFA knows it can be.

—The TSFA Board of Directors

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Fred Minnick is a professional writer based in Louisville, Kentucky.