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View from the Kitchen

Legumes like lentils offer value.Value-Friendly Ingredients

Potatoes, rice, grains, and nuts can add heft, flavor, texture, and general interest for relatively modest amounts of money.

— Jim Villemaire

Schlotzsky’s Deli

Rice lends itself to value pricing. Rice bowls are becoming popular, as well. The bowls usually have a protein, vegetable, and a sauce for a very flavorful and inexpensive meal.

— Dave Fenner

Boneheads Grill Fish and Piri Piri Chicken

Rice dishes and root vegetables are popular and inexpensive.

— Stan Dorsey

FOCUS Brands

There has been a resurgence of “forgotten” ancient grains and beans from all over the world. Ingredients like quinoa, lentils, barley, and amaranth are appearing on menus due to both cost and interest in reducing meat consumption. Price/value is also driving increased use of nontraditional meat cuts like hanger steak, shank, belly, and slow-cooked presentations like cassoulet and chili.

— Nestle’ Professional Culinary Team

Legumes like lentils in combination with whole grains. This is also very nutritious in the fact that the combination provides the body with a complete protein containing eight essential amino acids. Ancient grains like quinoa and spelt are very tasty, and a little goes a long way.

— Stephen A. Kalil

Frito Lay

Whole grains, rice, quinoa, and potatoes: things that fill you up and satisfy hunger.

— Delia Champion

The Flying Biscuit Café

Rising costs mean smaller portions. Rising costs also mean value-added proteins. We are seeing more use of muscles in the center of the plate than we have in the past.

— Dan Barash

Moe’s Southwest Grill

Beans, vegetables, and potatoes offer a great value.

— Hilliard Creath


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