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Your Top 40 Hiring Questions

34 Is there any way I can reduce my training costs?

Put two people in identical or similar positions, and hire them at the same time. That system cuts training costs in half and saves a tremendous amount of money if one of them should decide to quit shortly afterward.

35 What can I do to promote employee safety?

Let staff know their safety trumps your profit. At Domino’s, drivers don’t have to deliver to dark houses. They call the customer from outside and again from the store but won’t be chastised for returning with the order.

36 What’s a common mistake operators make when it comes to I-9 compliance?

They combine the I-9 forms with the employee files. Immigration and Naturalization Service and ICE are two different government agencies, so doing that reveals confidential documents to an organization that doesn’t need to see them.

37 What do I need to know about minimum wage laws?

Some states have a higher minimum wage than the national standard of $7.25. That said, higher wages can mean higher-caliber employees. Paying 50 percent more per hour actually saves you money if the employee can do twice the work.

38 What are my responsibilities to employees in terms of health care?

Right now, that depends entirely on your company’s policies.

39 How could that change as a result of the new health care bill?

Employers with more than 50 full-time equivalents will have to provide coverage starting in 2014. What that entails hasn’t yet been fully defined. Alternatively, employers can opt to pay a penalty for not providing coverage.

40 How can I stay up-to-date about the health care bill and any changes that affect my restaurant?

Join your state restaurant association or keep an eye on the National Restaurant Association website,

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