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Our Zeofree PURE 5841 active filtration media can extend the lifespan of frying and cooking oil by removing and reducing the amount of undesired colored species, free fatty acids and total polar compounds in addition to effectively eliminating solid particulates. Visit us online (www.hubersilicas.com/oilfiltration) for additional information including how to contact our distribution partner, Crystal Filtration. Fry better and fry more with Zeofree PURE 5841 active filtration media.
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Restaurant Technologies makes commercial kitchens safer, smarter, more efficient and more sustainable with its automated frying oil storage, handling, filtration monitoring and disposal management system. We deliver the fresh oil, our system pumps it to the fryer, pumps the waste oil back out and we pick up the waste for recycling; your employees never need to touch hot oil again. We serve over 23,000 restaurants and kitchens across the country, from large chains like McDonald's to independent fine dining entrepreneurs.
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